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About Us

By the grace of Allah we possess a dominating market share in the industry. Span of our business covers seeds, pesticides, micro nutrients, formulation, imports of chemicals, marketing and distributions to third party. In order to achieve this, we have > 50 agricultural graduates, post graduates and PhDs who are striving for growth of agricultural sector with passion, zeal and zest. Group offers a vast range of agricultural solutions to every part of the country.

Breaking fresh ground in agricultural sector, SAFCO Group is now all set to win over the confidence of its valued customers in the realm of the agro chemical sector. Our prime objective is to optimize the technical assistance in a bid to provide the high quality product, prepared at the most modern manufacturing facilities.

With the high level of commitment, hard working and better business strategies SAFCO Group is the largest importer of agro chemicals in Pakistan. SAFCO is not only distributing its products through our own distribution network but are also supplying a complete range of products to the open market. SAFCO is a group with strong presence in all agricultural segments seized the opportunity to maintain position as a leader of agro business.